Storage Optimization

Our platform provides high performance and scalable storage and enterprise data services that enable metadata management for AI and big data with unified metadata and insights for file and object storage that can be implemented flexibly either on-premises and/or in the cloud

High Speed Data Insight

Data discovery, dataset identification, data pipeline progression for Large-Scale Analytics and AI/ML. Governance of the data with data inspection and classification and data clean-up. Removing duplicate and trivial data and automate tags for custom insight.

  • Data discovery
  • Data inspection and classification
  • Achive/tiering
  • Create reports or directly search data
  • Search content for fast discovery

Automatically Discover and Classify Data

Automatically ingest and index system metadata from heterogeneous file and object storage systems on-premises and in the cloud. Automatically identify and classify data, including sensitive and personally identifiable information. Enrich data with system and custom metadata tags that increase the value of that data

Cluster File System

Storage optimization with cluster file system that provides concurrent access to a single file system or set of file systems from multiple nodes. The nodes can be:

  • SAN attached
  • Network attached
  • A mixture of SAN attached and network attached
  • Shared nothing cluster configuration

With this features, we enables high performance access to the common set of data to support a scale-out solution or to provide a high availability platform.