Business Intelligence

Our platform enables you to analyze data and deliver actionable information with mobile and interactive visualization that helps executives, managers and workers make data-driven business decisions

Find Answer with Powerful Dashboard

Faster you can turn the data into insight, the faster you can understanding use it all to make your business run better. Business intelligence (BI) offers a complete solution for modern analytics. Supports all analytic use-cases in the industry, with a variety of powerful features.

Create, share and distribute powerful dashboards to support executives, business leaders, and anyone else that needs to stay on the pulse of the business. Search, select, drill down, or zoom to find your answer or instantly shift focus.

Get Suggestion Insight from AI

Connect to your data, model it, get the data visualization insight, and personalized your report with any KPIs and brand. Get the answers faster, search your data, solve your business question even with conversational language powerd by AI.

Get more value with AI suggestion insights that can be generated by natural language (NLP) conversation with machine. Ask any possible question and create analytics easier than ever.

Explore without Boundaries

People can explore and analyze freely, in any direction, without restrictions or boundaries. In query-based BI tools, data sources have to be brought together using SQL joins, and assumptions must be made in advance about what types of questions users will have. All other data is left behind.

Create Great Looking Report and Share It

After making visualization, it is time to share the insight. We can make report with any popular format such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDF, and HTML. Drag and drop charts, tables, and any other objects from BI analytics using highly flexible design and formatting controls to create any report you need.

Confidence with your decisions

Collaborate and work together on the same data, share your insight across office enterprise platform, and empowering everyone to make data-driven decision faster.