SQL Server

Reimagine the realm of possibility. Microsoft data platform solutions release the potential hidden in your data, whether it's on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge, and reveal insights and opportunities to transform your business.

Why use the Microsoft data platform

Work with a flexible data platform that gives you a consistent experience across platforms and gets your innovations to market faster—you can build your apps and then deploy anywhere.

The Microsoft data platform brings AI to your data so you gain deep knowledge about your business and customers like never before. Only Microsoft brings machine learning to database engines and to the edge, for faster predictions and better security.

Bring your business to scale while trusting that your security, performance, and availability needs are covered—with an industry-leading total cost of ownership.

Reinvent Your Business

Innovate faster o- premises, accelerate your move to the cloud, build intelligent apps, and gain transformative insights. All this come from using SQL Server.